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Shop Mechanics is advice, based on non-contact observation of visitor behavior directly while shopping, in real time at the moment of interaction with brands and retail environments.

More than 50 thousand shopping cases investigated, based on which all basic behaviors of Russian consumers are fixed.Research is conducted in more than 50 shopping centers in Moscow
More than 15,000 interviews conducted with consumers at point of sale.More than 200 stores in different chains are analyzed, followed by recommendations, and the development of solutions to improve the retail environment
Regular studies held in more than 20 cities of RussiaMore than 500 thousand visitors, that make up outside retail traffic have been analyzed and counted over the last two years

Why ShopMechanics?

  • Most extensive knowledge base on visitor flows in Russia
  • We know their needs, capabilities, and challenges
  • Understanding of the specific behavior of the Russian consumer before and during shopping
  • Guarantee data accuracy by comparing a variety of information sources
  • We are already “inside” the largest retail chains
  • Hundreds of research and explanation behavior models for different consumer groups
  • Unique technology for collecting and processing large amounts of information
  • Working solutions to improve the efficiency of the retail environment and the creation of consumer amenities