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Automated Sales Flow system – is a comprehensive software solution that makes it possible to upload and process data from Tenant POS machines, ensures their secure transport to the server and storage in a single database.

With Sales Flow implementing you receive

  • Daily, detailed sales data
  • Availability of data for the periods prior to connection of a tenant
  • Better resources for financial planning
  • The conversion of visitors to customers
  • Automated data upload as opposed to manual input
  • Improving of data quality: depth data up to each item in the check
  • Assessment of the efficiency of marketing campaigns, even if a given campaign did not last longer than several hours

Indicators available in the System

Revenues for any period: ranging from one day to several years.Modes of payment: cash or cashless
Average check sizeAverage check size
Time and date of a transactionTransaction amount
Number of items in a checkOther indicators


The Sales Flow system consists of the server (Shopping Center/Management Company) and customer (tenant) components and enables automated upload of tenants’ sales data. The system has a web-based local visualization, or sales data can be uploaded to the customer’s current system.

  • The Sales Flow system can be fully located in the shopping center
  • We do not require any installation of additional devices.
  • We do not interfere with the POS machine operation or slow down customer service.
  • We offer flexible solutions for Tenants based on individual connection options.
  • We use maximum standard functions of the POS machine software.

We are working with 95% POS software

UKM2, UKM4, Atol RMK, Frontol, Game Keeper, Trade X, 1C (8.1, 8.2 all configurations), Shtrikh M (WinXP and higher)