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Data Management (DM) – is automated monitoring of counting systems, providing continuity and correctness to the flow of your data and restoring data gaps and the ability to predict visitor flows.

Data management services include:

Daily tracking of data correctnessData backup;
Ensuring continuity and correctness of the data flow from the clientAccount Manager
Recovery gaps via AIS (analytical information system)Short callout time upon the occurrence of a service case (Moscow 2 days, 3 days for Regions)
Forecasting visitor flowsRemote bug fix system
Daily tracking of data correctnessReporting to provide data

How it works

Flawless assessment of counting systems installed in-store is possible by evaluating the data provided in the AIS (Automated Information System).

Data from the equipment and system status information, as installed in-store, is received directly to the Watcom server. Next day you receive the data in the agreed report format and have the opportunity to view it online at Sign in by using your login and password; there are different levels of access to the site.