3DX VIDEO COUNTER 2017-10-11T10:02:52+00:00
  • Three different metrics counting: entrance, exit, the number of people at the area
  • Tracking any number of people in the visibility area of the counter
  • Verifying counting accuracy in the real-time basis by built-in WEB interface
  • Children excluding
  • Determining time spent in a designated area (up to 8 different zones)
  • Counting the visitors who walked into the store but did not enter
  • Video recording to verify counting accuracy (20 mins built in memory of the sensor, arbitrary time with FTP server upload capability)
  • Wide view angle of camera
  • Remote configuration and maintenance
  • Separation of access permissions: user and administrator
  • Swiss accuracy of visitor counting, low cost of camera ownership;
  • Counting accuracy does not depend on visitor traffic density, temperature, or illumination changes
  • Cost saving: one counter covers an entrance up to 7 m. wide;
  • Changing the counting logic to improve visitor counting accuracy;
  • One device to collect, store, notify, and transmit data, meaning that a single video counter serves as a database, video server, video analyzer, and complete featured data encryption enabled networking device;
  • No additional devices required, which allows users to enhance data transmission reliability;
Dimensions 130 mm х 94 mm х 30 mm
Color White, gray, black (may be any on customer’s request)
Counting method 3D video stream processed by an internal processing unit
Installation Height and Coverage Width Max height 5 m., max width 7 m.
Data Storage 122 days
Counting Direction any on 360°
Installation TypeThe sensor is mounted over the entrance/walkway area. Usually, it is fixed to the ceiling. When fixing to a vertical surface, the swivel brackets are used.
Recommendations for InstallationThis kind of counter fits to any task associated with visitor counting. The counting accuracy holds even during times of high people traffic.