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The highest counting accuracy (98%) even in high traffic areas. Traffic metrics, queue metrics, service metrics, other in-store metrics are captured and analyzed in a single device.

  • Up to 32 discrete zones available for metric collection
  • Filters objects based on height, shape and size, i.e. children, shopping carts, and strollers as desired
  • Simultaneously counts adults, children, and shopping units in separate data streams
  • Staff exclusion
  • Separate visitors counting who entered but didn’t come in the trade zone
  • Counting of people walk by an entrance who pass by but do not enter
  • Integrated functionality for analysis of queue and POS operator
  • Fixation of objects by their height and processing of time intervals within the visible area.
  • Connection of up to 3 cameras for single view without an in store PC
  • The only counter capable of assessing 6 metrics simultaneously (counting entering and exiting visitors, counting passers-by, line, service zone, two types of detection: by mass and height)
  • Capable of tracking both position and height of all the objects in the coverage zone, with ability to filter out objects by form and height: carts, animals, balloons, etc.
  • Up to 32 independent counting zones, each capable of capturing different counting metrics
  • Flash memory stores configuration settings and up to 140 days of data
  • Coverage by one deviceup to 7 m of width at an installation height of up to 15 m.
  • Not impacted by environmental changes such as humidity and temperature
  • Supports scheduled streaming digital video output for remote data validation
  • Highest counting accuracy (98%), even in areas with high volume people traffic
  • Flash memory ensures configuration settings are intact and data is safe in the event of power loss
Dimensions 155 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm
Color White, grey, black (may be any on customer’s request)
Counting method 3D video stream
Counting Direction Any on 360°
Installation typeThe sensor is mounted over the entrance/walkway area. Usually is fixed to the ceiling. When fixing to a vertical surface the swivel brackets are used.
Recommendations for installation This kind of counters fit to any task associated with visitors counting. The counting accuracy is kept even on high people traffic.