Management of key indicators
in shopping centers and retail chains


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People counting system (PCS) –

is hardware-software with sensors, internet network, and software. PCS Watcom provides data on the number of people that go through a specific passage for a certain period of time. Thanks to this data, Retail and shopping malls receive significant economic benefits in business management.

The people counting demand –

has any B2C business where the efficiency (popularity) of a business depends on the number of its customers needs to count visitors: retail market and commercial real estate, financial retail (banks), hubs, cultural, sports and recreational facilities (stadiums, parks, arenas), Indoor advertising (cost of Indoor advertising depends on the number of people that potentially have the opportunity to see it).

With people counting systems you can:


  • Assess the visitor levels of the chain
  • Automate conversion rate evaluation
  • Optimize payroll through the introduction of a personnel motivation system based on conversion rate
  • Optimize payroll by scheduling staff working hours based on visitor flow dynamics
  • Improve quality of service
  • Compare visitor flow by region with feasibility of opening new stores
  • Generate rating of store attractiveness – closing stores with fewer perspectives, identifying most successful stores.

Shopping Centers

  • Objectively assess the popularity of an object by its visitor flow
  • Take rational steps to increase visitor flow
  • Make decisions about each tenant in a shopping center
  • Objectively regulate rents based on visitor flow to each tenant
  • Resolve conflicts with tenants based on facts and figures
  • Reasonably take measures to reduce costs, increase the efficiency of visitor distribution in different zones and floors of the shopping mall
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of shares held in the shopping center based on specific data

Staff schedule planning based on people counting data

The motivation system integration based on conversion rate (how many visitors became the buyers)

The only SC quality indicator is the possibility of sales generation. If this indicator is high, that means that the object is great for visitors and for tenants